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Dharma Kaleidoscope notecards

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Tibetan Buddhism is rich in iconic imagery with heavy symbolic content. These dharma notecards are akin to viewing traditional thangka images through a prism, like a re-vision of the visualization. The Dharma Kaleidoscope notecard collection currently includes 48 different images, each a high resolution photo image on archival quality acid-free 4 .25″x 6.5″ card stock.

Among the deities pictured on these cards are: Vajrakilaya, Throma, Sengedoma (Lion-faced Dakini), Amitayus, Green Tara, Avolekiteshvara, Guru Rinpoche, Guru Drakpoche, Kurukulle, Vajrayogini, Naropa, Samantabhadra, Shakyamuni and Vajrasattva.

All profit from the sale of these cards will go towards building Tulku Orgyen Zangpo  Rinpoche’s  new College for the Study of Buddhist Philosophy in the very poor region of Golok, Tibet. The land has been purchased, the students and Khenpo teachers are ready to begin– only the building itself remains to be built. Please see his website compassionfellowship.net for more information.

The price for a set of 5 assorted thangka image notecards, each with envelope in its own clear protective sleeve is $15, plus $2 for USPS first class postage anywhere in the U.S.


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